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Create Requester Group based on email address values

We have requesters that are internal (our own staff) and also external (our customers). I would like to create requester groups for both requester types, but based on a condition otherwise we will have to manually organise the groups.

My thinking is that it would be good if I could create a new requester group (Internal), and set a condition based on the requester email address containing a specific value (our email suffix).

For example.... Add members to group where "Requester Email Address" contains "@ourcompanyname.com".

And then for the External group I would do the same but set the condition to, Add members to group where "Requester Email Address"  does not contain "@ourcompanyname.com".

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Definitely need this as I have not yet found a way to do this with any other fields except for the email field. There are no other AD records coming across that I can use to distinguish this. Unless you can bring the AD/OU/group across that is being read. If I had that then this would also be an easy field to filter staff from customers/students.

We recently added the ability to create "manual" requester groups, where users can be added explicitly instead of configuring rules for them: https://support.freshservice.com/support/solutions/articles/50000001678-create-manage-requester-groups

We currently haven't roadmapped the ability to add users to requester groups based on their email address. We'll pick this up at the next available opportunity.

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