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Communication within Changes

In order to improve our change process and include\inform our customer in this process (if the customer is the initiator of the change) we want to have some of the communication options in a change as we do have in an incident.


We need to be able to send a reply to a customer from a change, and if the customer replies to that message, we want it to be added to the change as a note.


This would really speed up our change process and would eliminate the work we now have to do to communicate about a change with a customer.


For example, if a customer ask us to implement a new module on his website, he is the initiator of the change and will request this by submitting a Service Request. After an agent does the intake of the Service Request there he will create a change, close the Service Request and start building the new module, test it and implement it.


If there needs to be any communication to the customer regarding the new module (design questions,  verification that is works, other questions) it has to be done by an email from the agent to the customer outside of Freshservice. This is a lot of work and should be done in the change for better overview on what is done in the change, what is communicated and what not.


If you add a note to the change to ask a customer a question it is possible to use the notify an agent option. If you enter the email address of the customer here he will get an email with that question. But when he answers the question there is no update to the change, it is registered as a new incident instead.


The solution for this is that it should be possible to send a reply from a change to a customer, and when the customer responds to that message, the response is added to the changes as a note. This should work in the same way as it does in the incident module of Fresh. So send a reply, and if the reply is answered add it to the change.


This is something that is requested by our customers as well, as they want to be involved in the changes we do for them.

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Hi Simon,

Thanks for providing a detailed use case.

I am afraid that we do not have any direct solution to help you out, however, I can suggest a workaround where when you create a Change on behalf of the Requester and you can make use of the Note function to notify the User. 

I also understand the trouble where the user's reply creates a new Ticket and if you introduce the "Change ID" in Note added to Change notification template then that should solve this out.

Let me know if this works for you else please raise a support ticket with us and we are happy to guide you through it.

We have notified about this usecase to our Product Team and moving this topic over to the Feature request. 

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