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Bulk change/edit of requester details

 Ability to bulk edit requesters details such as: Location, Department, etc

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Hey Fernando,

This is already possible using Export/Import Requesters. You can do an export of all the requesters, modify the required attributes, and re-import them to update the corresponding entries.

Hi Mithun, thats a workaround isn't it? we should be able to edit it within Freshservice without having to import and export data


Hey Fernando,


If the Web UI for Requesters were to support bulk update, there's some effort required by the user in selecting rows across pages and then executing one or more updates on them. It also becomes complex when the values that have to be modified in bulk are different between different rows (say if five requesters need to be associated with Location A, and 8 requesters need to be associated with Location B - this would require two separate update operations). 


We added the "Update" capability to Import Requesters mainly to support these bulk update use cases, and not as a workaround. When we update using CSV, a spreadsheet tool (like Excel or Google Sheets) gives you the maximum flexibility to update any combination of values for any number of rows.


If you still believe that this method won't work for you, we'd appreciate it if you could give us examples of your bulk update use cases along with their frequency and magnitude, and we'll track it as a feature request.

Hi Mithun:

A propos this discussion, Do you think it would also be possible to update Agent Locations in Freshservice exporting them into a CSV, modifying the file (location field) and importing it back to Freshservice?


Hey Carlos,

I apologize for the delayed reply, but this is already possible using Import/Export Agents.

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