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Unable to edit Contracts

I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, but there seems to be no way of editing a Software Contract. The only options I have are Delete and Terminate.

I've posted here as this has to be an error rather than a feature request, surely?

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Hi Simon, Craig,

We understand the pain of having to delete-recreate the contracts every time there even a minor change needed. We plan to address this issue soon. You can track the progress of this feature here: https://support.freshservice.com/support/discussions/topics/322331



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It would be really helpful to be able to edit contracts, at all stages, even if this result in re-approval. 

There is often times when changes need to made at renewal (other than cost and end date). 

Being able to add attachments such as contract variation letters, or novation agreements would also be beneficial.

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Agreed, the ability to edit/update contracts (subject to re-approval) should definitely be possible.

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Just to add my voice to this one and ask if there is an update since May?

In an ideal world, we would like to see a contract amend option (with an approval flow behind it)

Use Cases

Contract changes from having 5 firewalls in it down to 3, by using the renewal or extension option the details have to stay the same. We'd like to be able to amend the contract with the relevant attachments, addendum and details showing the change from 5 to 3 firewalls in the agreement as opposed to starting a new contract.

 Contract with a training provider has 3 members of staff set up to use the service, comes up to renewal and 2 of the members of staff have since left, currently, we have to terminate/delete and start a new one, whereas just making the relevant tweaks would be much better.

Any update on this FS?


We too have this issue. Hope this gets pushed quick.

Yani, You can edit contracts as long as you have the permissions to edit a contract. Let us know if you have issues editing contracts, we can troubleshoot the issue.


By design, we do not allow contract details to be edited. This is because the contract should not carry any changes upon moving to an active state as it may involve an approval process. We do understand the use-case where you would like to edit the active contract details. We have brought this request across to our Product team and will keep you posted on our inputs on this Enhancement. 

I will have this moved as a Feature request and will keep you posted on updates. 


  Major obstacle for us.  We need ability to edit contracts. 

I would also like the ability for subcontracts (Especially with new Software module), I need contract tracking down to departmental level, and have it role up into a master level contract.  Example


  Adobe Pro 2017 (All subcontract total up in to main contract for a total of 20 licenses)

         Adobe Pro 2017  subcontract Department 1 contract for 5 license

         Adobe Pro 2017 subcontract Department 2 contract for 12 licenses

         Adobe Pro 2017 subcontract Department 3 Contract for 3 licenses 

Agreed also, even if the amendment requires reapproval.

Yes this really needs to be added to the contract module to make it usable. Editing cost, descriptions, incorrect expiry dates, attaching additional agreements needs to be editable with the option of re-approval.

Additionally, it seems only the creator can edit the 'draft', that is not very practical for larger organisations.

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