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Ability to Change Requester Without Having to Edit the Ticket

 Ability to Change Requester Without Having to Edit the Ticket

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Can you?

I received an email and forward it to our Freshservice portal but it opens under my name.

I want to change the requester to the user.

@Tony Fritzen

That's odd... If I forward an email to the system if opens as them, not me.  I always remove my signature block when I do this though, not sure if that has to do with it.

I'll try taking my sig out, not sure if that's where it looks to create the ticket under.

I just took an email sent to me by a user and forwarded it to our IT email assigned to Freshservice, without anything to do with my info and it still opens the ticket under me.


Is the email that shows on the forwarded ticket assigned to an Agent account?  I think the logging as the previous sender requires both a matching address to an Agent (I think aliases can confuse this) and there being a "divider break" line for Freshservice to remove everything prior from the email.

As well as being able to change the requester without needing to fully edit the ticket, it would be useful for us to be able to add addresses that act the same as the forwarding from an Agent address without the need to be an Agent.  For example: we have a front help desk that are not a part of IT and so don't have an Agent status, but do on occasion become the first point of contact for emails; when they forward these on to our IT support, it would be useful for these to be assigned to the customer who emailed, rather than to the Helpdesk.

This would be a very useful feature - it seems that as soon as there are articles in the ticket then its impossible to change the requester regardless of how you do it - unless I'm missing something. 

Yep. I would like to see this. I inadvertently logged a ticket as myself in the Agent portal and not the customer. Can't seem to change the ticket to be for the customer.

@Patrick Van Rinsvelt, You can change the requester to the customer by clicking the pencil icon on the right side of the subject, to Edit the ticket:


For those trying to forward requester emails and open tickets under their name can try the below workaround, which is to use Direct Reply option (if using Outlook).



I would like to see this as well.  We often get emails from someone on behalf of someone else - for example, a secretary will email Help that one of the attorneys is having an issue.  Or someone's supervisor will email that someone is having a problem, etc.  I'd like to be able to change the requester to whomever's computer I'm actually working on.  That way there is a correct history for that user.  I don't like that if I change the requester, it looks like that person sent the original email - and that's just false.

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