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Project Management Templates


We would like to have the option to create project templates. We follow a very structured process for our projects (It gets vetted by the testers first, then gets sent to a manager for review, etc). 

Similar to how there is an option for Ticket templates, we would like the option for project templates, or for the ability to duplicate a project. The idea would be to create a project and have all of the tasks templated, with an option to template the assigned agent or leave it open. It would save a lot of time in building out the tasks and project framework. 

Thank you for reading! 

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Yes, please add a way to quickly copy tasks in a project. We currently don't use the project feature due to not having a way to create a project from a template quickly. Please add this.

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Just create a button that would create a project template and name it as you want. Later when we start a new project we could select '' new project '' or '' select a template''. With this choice of template it would take much less time to create a new project.

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Templates should be able to be inserted after the project is created.

for example. I have 82 sites and would like a template that has each site listed as tasks.

I would also like to be able to insert a template of sub tasks and notes/instructions into specific site tasks

another scenario may be that i have tasks that need to be done at each site before going to the next task so the template of sites would be inserted in the particular task.

Basically being able to insert a template of tasks into whatever level you require would work best and the more flexable method to cover everyone's requirements.

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