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Forwarding email from agent mailbox to support mailbox

Dear all,

As discribed here:


... agents should be able to forward messages directed at their personal adresses to the support address while preserving the original sender's address.

In this discussion is stated that it isn't working when using Outlook, because Outlook supposedly is stripping the originating mailaddress form the headers. 

Outlook isn't, it preserves the originating mailaddress. I could send you some screenshots, but will not post them here for privacy reasons. 

I would like very much this feature to work, because users will keep sending to agent's addresses, how many times you ask them not to (as do others, because this question is popping up every once and a while in the forums).

By my own experience, this feature is a working feature within Zendesk, so technically it should be possible.

Kind regards,

Marco Visser

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We have this issue as well. Issue reported in ticket #1661539. 

We closed our ticket though, as we would ask Microsoft for advice about the email stripping - however we haven't got around doing so yet.

The forwarding presumably worked when we started using Freshservice in May 2017, but we discovered in October 2017-ish that it was working any longer. If this is a Microsoft or Freshservice bug, I can't say for sure.

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Same issue here. Every time I forward a users request into fresh service it makes me the requester.  No beuno!

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Yes, I too have this problem.

I use this setting when I forward a user's email request to Freshservice. 

I put the user's email address in "Have replies sent to".

(It's a bit of a hassle, though.)

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