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Preferred names for requestors

Our requestors currently get synced over from our company directory so they all come over with their legal name. Some users go by nicknames, shortened versions of their names (i.e. they go by "Bob" instead of "Robert"), or just their last name.

We also set up the default reply template to use a placeholder for the requestor's first name, which causes us to go back and manually modify the placeholder value when we compose a reply. Some users are particular about how they are referred to, so our agents are asked to pay attention that that. But this causes slight delays in our response time that add up over time.  

Proposed Feature

it would be nice to see a "Preferred Name" value (or "Nickname") that we could set that would take precedent over any First Name value that's synced from a directory. Then introduce a new placeholder for "Requester Preferred Name". Ideally the system would fall back to "Requester First Name" if there is no Preferred name present. 

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