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Auto assign assets location

Is there anyway to automate an assets location assignment?

We have around 1000 users and computers across 11 offices. The discovery agent is working well at picking up all the assets but at the moment the location field for the majority is blank. Whilst we can manually update this it would be far easier if there was a way to automate the process.

In previous helpdesk software I have used this could be done by linking a location to a particular attribute, say IP address. So we would set it up so anything with a starting IP of 10.113 would be Leeds, anything starting with 10.117 would be Bristol.

Is anything like this possible or do we have to manually add a location for each asset?

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Hi Steve, 

Auto-assigning locations based on IP of the asset is not possible at the moment. You can assign assets to a location if you are using the Probe, though. (This will not be based on IP but based on the probe location instead).

We have had discussions in the past to include assets in the automation rules so you can perform actions such as creating tickets based on asset attributes or notify users when an asset is assigned to them. I'll add your requirement to our backlog. 



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