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Coming Soon : Analytics

With Analytics in Freshservice, 

  • Users can pin reports to a dashboard to effectively monitor their service desk performance
  • Rich visualisations with interactive drill-downs
  • Reporting across all modules (tickets, tasks, problems, changes, release, groups, users, departments)

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The dashboard view is really starting to come together now. Way to go guys!

Is there an estimated release date for this feature?

This view looks really impressive, would be so useful.

Do we know when this is available? 

Does this mean that reports will now display real-time data and we will no longer have to wait a day or more to generate accurate report after changing data? The current setup with report data being at least 24 hrs out of date is not usable when trying to present to client.

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Hello all, 

Thank you for the feedback! The feature is currently in the testing phase and we're targeting to ship it by the end of Q1.  

@Phill - The time sync for 'Analytics' is 30 mins. We will be working towards reducing the time sync further in the upcoming releases. 

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Will that include the Round Robin reports?

from which we can view how long each agent was available during certain interval.

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