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With Analytics in Freshservice, 

  • Users can pin reports to a dashboard to effectively monitor their service desk performance
  • Rich visualisations with interactive drill-downs
  • Reporting across all modules (tickets, tasks, problems, changes, release, groups, users, departments)

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Any  update on this roadmap item? Having time tracking data in analytics is the final piece for me. Time tracking on issues / tickets is essential to any IT department or MSP. 

4. Timesheet reports that tracks the time logged in by the agent using the "time tracking" widget available on the ticket/change/problem/release detail page. - Prioritised for Q4'18

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hatayoga book final philosophy.


Any updated RE having analytics data hosted in Australia?

Do there is any update on having time tracking analytics in place?

I'm in the system since a couple of months and I'm tired already of having to CSV dowload reports for time tracking from Tickets, changes, releases, and every single project to finally build the data and the graphs outside of Freshservice.

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Yes Time Tracking seems to be the biggest lacking feature. Is there any update on this?

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Hi, Is there a way, I can create a report under the Analytics tab which will give me the details of who was online for how long on a given day. 

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The option to share reports Only to specific groups or individuals would be great. 

As we use FS for many of our departments IT, HR, economy, Marketing etc. the list of shared reports gets very long and only a few is relevant for all of the departments.

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It would also be ideal to be able to restrict the Analytics module to per group. Currently unable to filter to per group

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