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With Analytics in Freshservice, 

  • Users can pin reports to a dashboard to effectively monitor their service desk performance
  • Rich visualisations with interactive drill-downs
  • Reporting across all modules (tickets, tasks, problems, changes, release, groups, users, departments)

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I would also like to be able to report on SR items. These are often items that with pattern analysis, can identify candidates for self service, solution articles or automated solutions. 

@Deepika Rajendran Selvaraj it's been 3 months since the Analytics feature has been released and to the best of my knowledge there still isn't the ability to use the time tracking data in the widgets.  This is still a major lack of functionality.  Is the ability to use time tracking data in Analytics going to be available soon?

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I couldn't agree more on this. Also, being able to track the data of when agents are jumping in and out of the auto ticket assignment queue is a huge thing for us as well.

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And when can we get it hosted in Australia?? We pay extra currently to host FS in Aus (due to data regulations), but can't use Analytics (even though we're told it was coming a few months ago), yet the Analytics is US only...

Sounds like it's a bit short on features still anyway

Hello everyone, 

Update on the list of enhancements coming up in Analytics : 

1. Ability to report on service items & custom fields - To be rolled out in October

2. Ability to report on Asset custom fields - To be rolled out in October 

3. Scheduled data exports for Tickets, Problems, Changes, Release, Tasks, Assets, Groups, Users & Departments. Users can consume these data exports from Freshservice via API, to build their own custom dashboards within any BI tool - To be rolled out in October (beta release) 

4. Timesheet reports that tracks the time logged in by the agent using the "time tracking" widget available on the ticket/change/problem/release detail page. - Prioritised for Q4'18

5. Ticket Lifecycle Reports : report on the time spent on a ticket split by each agent/group that handled the ticket (in case of reassignments) and the time spent split in each status. This will help managers to identify potential issues that caused delays in resolution & determine the root cause of SLA breaches - Prioritised for Q4'18

Please let us know your feedback and any other suggestions you might have. 

4. I'm looking forward to N°4. Can you specify a bit more? For Occasional users, would we be able to see all timestamps they have accessed the system? today you see how many day passes are used but this is not reflecting if those users are setup for several months, you don't know if it's better to swich to full time users.

Hello Anne, 

Sorry, I should've elaborated it better. This is a timesheet report that tracks the time logged in by the agent using the "time tracking" widget available on the ticket/change/problem/release detail page. This is similar to the Timesheet Report under Reports -> Tickets -> Timesheet Reports (screenshot below), which however is limited in functionality. Our plan is to build timesheet reports inside Analytics so that users can customise it better - add additional columns to the tabular view, filter or group by custom attributes, schedule reports via email etc. 

So far this is a vast improvement over the "reports" section. That said I have a few concerns and would like to know if there are any plans to address them?

  1. I've managed to build myself an Analytics dashboard that shows me my KPI's, and on the web, it looks fantastic. However, for historical tracking purposes, I want to use the scheduled PDF export to my inbox... the PDF that results is atrocious. The data is there, but the formatting is horrible. If I wanted to provide my VP with monthly numbers he can present to the executive team, I would have to completely build a new report outside of FreshService instead of just including this PDF.
  2. The initial announcement of this feature included a widget that had multi-level grouping. The "Agent Performance" widget is grouped by Agent, and sub-grouped by status. This is tremendously helpful because it allows combining 2 metrics into one graph. I could easily see how many unresolved tickets a given agent has and what status they're in. As it exists today, there's no way to create the widget as shown. This was one of the things I was really excited about in this feature, but it's not available.  

I'd also like to see the ability to analyse the relationship between incidents linked to problems.

  • How many incidents linked to a particular problem
  • How many were linked that week/month
  • Problem with the most tickets linked and when
  • Click through to the individual incidents linked
  • View of problems by the number of incidents linked to them and breakdown of dates the incidents were linked

 Reporting in this ballpark will be really beneficial to us :)

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PLEASE setup agents to view their own timesheets !

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Hello everyone, 

Thank you for your feedback and I'm sorry for the delayed response. 

@Matt - Noted, we will work on improving the pdf exports. We're sorry the formatting made the reports hard to consume. Regarding the Agent Performance report, grouping by 2 attributes (status and agent name) is possible today with Analytics. Please see the screenshots for details. I hope this helps.

@Craig - Let me know if the below reports are helpful. 

a) How many incidents linked to a particular problem : 

Filters/Group by conditions to use : 

b) How many were linked that week/month : I'm afraid this report isn't possible today because we do not track "linked date" in Analytics. Could you help me understand the use case better in terms of why is this information important and how is this report used?

c) Problem with the most tickets linked and when - We will be able to report on the problems with the most tickets using "top 5" option in the following group by condition, however the linked date information will not be possible to report on. 


d) Click through to the individual incidents linked - This should be possible with the tabular data, where clicking on the ticket and problem ID's should take you to the details page. We are bringing "group by" options in tabular reports as well, which should help in reading this information better.

@Paulk and Mike - Timesheet entries is currently in development. I will keep you posted here on the progress of this feature. 

@Deepika,  Yes it is "possible" however it's not practical. I can't control what is stacked. Your example illustrates this ideally.  In the initial mockups, there is a graph that shows the agents on the x-axis and the number of overall tickets that are unresolved on the Y-axis. It then layers on to the Y-axis, the current status of those cases. This is a valuable way to show the data because I can quickly understand what status my agent's tickets are in without consulting 2 separate graphs, and more importantly, giving valuable screen/report real estate to them. 

I've played around with the order of the grouped metrics, but it always falls the same way. It's as if there's a grouping priority that is not documented.

Hi ,

When is the "Add visualisation" option being added like described in the first image?

Any update on when we may be able to get Analytics data stored in Australia?

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