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With Analytics in Freshservice, 

  • Users can pin reports to a dashboard to effectively monitor their service desk performance
  • Rich visualisations with interactive drill-downs
  • Reporting across all modules (tickets, tasks, problems, changes, release, groups, users, departments)

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We'd also like to be in the Beta!

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Will this be available on all plans?

Will it provide further flexibility in the reporting or is it more about presentation of the data already generated in the existing report structure?

Also interested in urgently joining any beta program

Give us the beta !!! PLEASE !!!


Interested in this feature as well.  Any update on the release?

Any update on this one? 

We've been told the end of the month May. However, we have contractual obligations to keep our data within Australia. Seems the Analytics data only has an option for US Data hosting.

Fantastic work on the analytics guys - im just getting some time to check this out today. Can you explain how you can pin an analytic report to the dashboard? 



Have seen the update to say that this is available, however, it doesn't appear to have replicated through to my instance yet...

**Excited to announce that Analytics is now live!**

Check out the video and the solution article to know more about the feature!  

Note : The module is available as part of the Estate and Forest plans.  

@Andrew - Thank you! Looking forward to hear your feedback on the feature! Please note that pinning widgets or a report onto the Freshservice Homepage/Dashboard is on our immediate roadmap and will be executed in the upcoming months. I will have the product manager working on the Freshservice Dashboard reach out to you for more updates on this capability. 

@Pete - You should be able to access the feature if your account is on the Estate/Forest plan. Please let me know if you're facing any issues accessing this feature, we will will get in touch with you to resolve it. 

It doesn't appear that any of widgets include time tracking info. I would like to have automated reports of time tracked by agents that day, much like the existing time tracking report has. The API doesn't have an easy way to get this either, which is quite disappointing.

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100% agree with Jason.  While I really appreciate the new Analytics features not having time tracking available in it is really limiting.  We'd like to be able to show graphs related to the total time each agent has spent on tickets, ticket time by department, etc.  Is there any plans to make the time data available in analytics?

@Jake, Jason - Thank you for your feedback! Including the time logged by agents (similar to the existing Time Tracking Report) is on our roadmap and will be implemented in the upcoming months. We're also working on 'Time Spent Reports' that shows the time spent on a ticket split by each agent/group that handled the ticket (in case of reassignments) and the time spent split in each status. This report will help identify potential issues that caused delays in resolution & determine the root cause of SLA breaches. We'll continue to update you here as we make progress on these items. Please do share your use cases and any other suggestions you might have. Looking forward to hear your inputs!

I am playing around with the new Analytics functionality. Where I in reporting can make reports based on the request item (or request item category) of Service Requests, I cannot find this field in Analytics. 

Is this something I am overlooking or is this field missing?

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