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iOS Mobile App Redesign

The new iOS mobile app will soon be available in a new form. The revamp of the app is underway and the primary objective of the redesign was aimed at helping IT agents carry out all the possible actions to resolve a ticket or fulfil a service request with much more ease. 

Phase 1 

New UI/UX that is designed by keeping in mind the modern user. The design now has more natural and intuitive elements setting a very high bar for user experience.


Adding more functional capabilities on the Incident module

  • Quick action bar at the bottom of all ticket details page to add time, reply, close or run any scenarios etc
  • Edit options on the header to manage ticket properties
  •  One click ‘pick-up’ action for assigning a ticket to yourself
  • Additional Menu options on the header to carry out advanced activities like, adding a new task, associate a CI and creating & manage Child Tickets
  • Long press actions to close or pickup a ticket (on list page)
  • Bulk actions to move tickets to trash/spam etc.
  • Add watchers, insert solutions, add canned responses, merge tickets and many other advanced functions


Addition of Task management module

  • Get a single page view of all the open Tasks
  • Create a new task
  • Edit the task details and properties
  • Mark as closed for all completed tasks

Notification Inbox

  • Approve service requests from inside the inbox
  • Grouped notifications help you with more context

Login Page

  • Self discovery of helpdesk URL – helps you identify all the Freshservice helpdesk URL’s that you have permissions for
  • SAML based SSO support
  • Normal | Google login


Phase 2

Will be focused on adding more capabilities to the app 

  • Introduction of Change Management to Track and minimze the risk while making IT Changes
  • Mobile specific module called ‘To-Dos’ - Designed to save time and help service desk agents focus on the items that matter the most to them. This section will allow agents to view their daily stream of work-items from across modules (Incident, Change, Service Requests, Tasks etc)
  • Addition of Dashboard widgets to monitor the health of the helpdesk 24/7

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Hi Vivek,

Do you have an ETA for Phase 1 release on iOS?


Hello James,

The redesign is complete and we have submitted the app to Apple. It usually takes about a handful of days for them to review and make it available for end customers like yourself. So effectively anytime this week, the app will be available for upgrades.

I will write back here when I hear from Apple.



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Willing to beta test if needed

Hello Everyone,

The latest redesigned app is now available for you to upgrade. Please do try and let us know your feedback.

As next steps we will be adding the following modules

- Change Management

- To-Dos

- Asset 2.0 & Dashboard Widget

- Requester 2.0



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Attempting to log into the redesigned app I receive an error message message: AADSTS65005: Invalid Resource. The Client has requested access to a resource which is not listed in the requested permissions in the client's application registration.  I am using Office 365/Azure SSO for Freshservice - Was there something that I was supposed to do and is anyone else experiencing this?

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Hi Nicholas,

We are seeing this issue happen on some accounts. We have identified the cause and will be resolving this soon. You should look forward to an update scheduled for 6th March, that will have this resolved.



are there any release notes available? or version numbers of the current app? i am still using version 2.7 (IOS device) which has been updated on 5th of February for the last time.

Hi Simon,

The latest version available on the App Store is 3.0.

You can visit here and try to upgrade - (if you already haven't received the auto update notification).



Latest version is still not fixed. Some notes: 1. We use a vanity URL 2. We use Azure SSO 3. We use MFA After a successful login and second factor approval I get invalid resource still.

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Hi Nicholas,

W have released a new update just a couple of hours back. I am certain the issue you have mentioned about should be fixed with this. 

You should receive a notification soon enough to upgrade the app. If you still face the same issue please write to us on and we will help you sort this issue out.



When will the new iOs release be available? 

Hi Nathan,

The revamped version of the app was release sometime back. We have been constantly adding new features and capabilities ever since. We had released a new version last week with some nifty enhancements around the List Page bulk actions, knowledge base addition and an exclusive dashboard widget.

Hope this helps.



Freshservice Mobile Team

Thanks, Vivek. I am looking for the Beta to test tagging tickets in iOS.

Presently having the same issue that Nicholas Sykes reported 7 months ago. Vanity URL, SAML, MFA. Brower logins work fine. iOS App will not authenticate. Error: AADSTS65005. No changes in AD or FreshService admin portals since this was working and suddenly stopped.

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