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Chromebooks Device Discovery in Freshservice

Connect Freshservice to Google Admin console to maintain all the ChromeOS devices used in your organization in Freshservice. This one-way scheduled sync will ensure all the device information stored in your Google device manager is updated in the Freshservice Asset list. You can use this information to add context to tickets raised by users, document device usage/maintenance history, monitor stock availability and track financials of all your ChromeOS devices right from within Freshservice. 

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Any idea on when this will rollout?

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I'm interested in maintaining Chrome OS devices in Google Admin Console. 

Hi guys, the Chrome OS Device Discovery app is now live. Please visit here for more information regarding the app.

Can we not get Chrome for Meeting devices included too ?

@Graeme, Are you referring to Chromeboxes? Any ChromeOS device that you have enrolled in Google device manager will be synced to Freshservice with this integration. 

Well technically they are Chromeboxes, but they are Chrome for Meetings boxes, and live in a different container inside Gstuite.

None of them are reported inside Freshservice all of our other devices pull through fine.

I suspect a limitation of your connector but might be an easy fix.


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