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Project Task Time Tracking

Need ability to track time against project tasks, including marking as billable/non-billable and report on it. As well, would be nice to assign a customer to a project to help with reporting. 

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100% agree with this request.  We use projects to track larger implementations.  Not being able to track time against those is really limiting.  Right now as a work around we create an Incident with the same name as the task and associate it to the Project to keep time.  That work around isn't great and becomes confusing though.

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Agree also. Same boat as Jake in that we add via an incident.

As an MSP tracking time and communicating with the client from Project task is critical not even close to optional.  Without this feature, we simply can't bring our 20+ agents to Freshservice.  That's unfortunate because we like most what the product has to offer.

This module is still not an option for us as we cannot track time.  Tasks show up, but you only track time on Inc & SR....NOT projects.  This is a critical if not foundational metric for proj mgmt and it is completely omitted.  Don't understand.....  The ability to add from the Requester list would be great.  A lot of times they are involved in some of the proj tasks/sub-tasks.  Thank you.

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Any update on this?  Using the work around of keeping time in a similarly named ticket is really becoming more of an issue.

During our implementation of Freshservice (spring 2018) we were told this feature was being worked on and would be available soon.  Any updates on this?  This is a major roadblock for us in using Freshservice for project management.

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I'll be the squeaky wheel and second what Carol said.  Definitely a major roadblock.

I couldn't agree more with this

In a September phone conversation with our Customer Service rep, Param Vora, he stated that project time tracking will be released this quarter along with the ability to clone a project,create templates, and Gantt Charts. I pointed out that time tracking was not listed on their "roadmap" and he said they don't always keep their roadmaps up to date.  I suggested that he could earn some appreciation from several customers if he would post an update to this topic.  He didn't post a comment here but I do see that it is, at least, on the roadmap now as "planned".  Mike Epting and I have "liked" the item on the roadmap.  It might be good if others showed their support there as well.  I'm hopeful it will be available soon.

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