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Customer with own IT (Tickets/Solutions)

Dear Freshservice-Users

Actual situation:
We have an actual customer with one "manager",who sees all the tickets of his company.
We do have a bunch of solutiuons, all of them can be viewed only as an "agent".

We'are facing an actual request from this customer:

He needs to manage his own tickets incl. assignment to his own 2 it-employees and us (so we add him and his 2 it-employees as agents, with the restriction to his company for the tickets). Now he see all our solutions, this is not what we want.

a) is there a way to manage tickets/solutions (assignment, closing, etc) without the agent-role?
b) is there a way to restrict the access to solutions? based on group/company-role as an agent?

Thanks in advance and best regards


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I have a similar setup and came across this topic when faced with this issue. I have created an agent group for the on-site IT and restricted their access to group access. Unfortunately, they are unable to see the tickets that came in unless it's assigned to their group. What would work great is to have a means of determining permissions much how one can customize the permissions to view Solutions (KB).

I don't know much about this field but I know someone who can help you out. You can contact geek squad tech support and believe me, they are expert in handling the technical problem and will definitely help you out.

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