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Customer with own IT (Tickets/Solutions)

Dear Freshservice-Users

Actual situation:
We have an actual customer with one "manager",who sees all the tickets of his company.
We do have a bunch of solutiuons, all of them can be viewed only as an "agent".

We'are facing an actual request from this customer:

He needs to manage his own tickets incl. assignment to his own 2 it-employees and us (so we add him and his 2 it-employees as agents, with the restriction to his company for the tickets). Now he see all our solutions, this is not what we want.

a) is there a way to manage tickets/solutions (assignment, closing, etc) without the agent-role?
b) is there a way to restrict the access to solutions? based on group/company-role as an agent?

Thanks in advance and best regards


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