Freshworks named a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Service Management, Q4 2021 Access Report

Freshservice introduces Asset Impact

You can now automatically re-evaluate the impact of an incident or an alert ticket when a new asset is associated with it. 

The feature titled “Asset impact” compares the “impact” field from the ticket details page against the impact of the newly associated asset and updates the impact field value to whichever is the highest.

For example, imagine a ticket that has “medium” under the impact field. If a “high” impact asset is associated to the ticket, the value of the impact field will change from “medium” to “high”.

The change in the impact will always be from a lower value to a higher value and not otherwise. It can go from “medium” to “high”, but not otherwise. 

If priority matrix is enabled, the newly assigned impact status will also affect the priority of the ticket.

To know more about Asset impact, click here.

What does this mean?

Asset impact prioritizes tickets handling critical (high impact) assets that needs immediate attention. This will help the agents in addressing high impact issues on time. 

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