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How we build our Product Roadmap at Freshservice

This post will help you understand how the product team prioritizes and builds new features, what our immediate roadmap looks like and how you can influence the roadmap.

How do we decide what to build?

  • All the feedback, feature requests, ‘how to’ questions and bugs you send us via the forums, support portal, emails, in-product feedback, one-to-one conversations, etc that come in everyday are reviewed by the product team and added to our product backlog. This is a backlog of all the things we want to build into Freshservice. 
  • We periodically discuss the backlog and prioritize the items on the backlog. 
  • Based on the above inputs, our own strategy and priorities, we then evolve a long term (6-12 months) roadmap of where we want to take Freshservice. The long term roadmap continuously evolves as we grow and acts as a guidepost for our short term roadmap
  • Then we break this down into smaller chunks of short term roadmaps (1-3 months) that we focus on executing each quarter. We revisit these periodically to make sure it’s aligned to our customer’s needs and the market that we serve. 

That brings us to the next question… 

What’s on our roadmap?

We want to be more transparent and leverage the community to gather timely feedback on what we are working on. So, here’s our short term product roadmap. These are all the items we are working on right now and ones we plan to take up next.

We will keep this updated so that you can check out what we are working on at any time and provide us your feedback. You can use the following labels to know the status of the roadmap items.

  • In-progress - Features we are working on right now
  • Planned - Features we will take up next (tentative)
  • Available - Features that are available now

How do you know when a feature is available?

We release updates, bug fixes and enhancements multiple times a week. We communicate the product updates and releases through multiple channels.

  • We post Release Notes every Tuesday with a list of features, enhancements and bug fixes that shipped the previous week
  • Major features, behaviour changes, and feature deprecations are notified as Product Announcements. 
  • These features are also included in our Blog and we share the updates on our Twitter and Facebook pages. 
  • We also regularly update you in the product via the What’s New in Freshservice section in the top right section of the and through in-product cues and walkthroughs

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