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Submitting Feature Requests

You can share your feedback and raise feature requests so that we know what you want next in the product. We love hearing from you and we are always looking for ideas to make Freshservice more awesome. 

Here’s a quick guide to submitting feature requests:

Before you submit a feature request, search on our forums to see if there are any requests similar to your need. If so, build upon this ask by adding your thoughts. If you find a similar post, like and comment on the post. If not, submit a new feature request. 

Also check our product roadmap to see if your requirement is being worked upon already. 

While submitting a feature request or commenting on one, 

  • Provide a relevant subject to your post
  • Explain your problem in detail. Add as much context as you can so that we can understand your problem well 
  • Let us know how you manage the situation currently and if you have tried any workarounds
  • Add screenshots, pictures, workflows and any other relevant information you have to help us understand the problem better. 

Updates on submitted feature requests:

We’ll try our best to respond to every feature request on the forum. Once a decision has been made on a request, we will set the status of requests as planned, in progress, implemented, deferred, or not taken. We will also update the thread with a comment whenever we change the status of the submitted feature request.


We do not share timelines on the forum. It's hard for us to provide timelines for feature requests, especially if it’s not on our immediate roadmap. But let this not discourage you from sharing feedback with us. Every piece of information we get is helpful when we get together to discuss what we want to build next. 

This feature request has a lot of upvotes/comments. Why isn’t Freshservice building it?

We end up saying No to a lot of the requests that come to us. We do this to make sure that our limited resources are focused on building features that you will love while also staying true to our product vision and goals. Some features and enhancement requests might look very simple, but these might not be the best solutions considering the longer term plan for the product.

Let this not discourage you from posting your feedback on the forum. We assure you that we will review every request and follow up if we have any questions. 

Thanks for supporting us and helping us build the right features in Freshservice. 

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