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End User portal - Requester possibility to filter his tickets


we have implemented freshservice as a tool for multi-department support. In our opinion there should be possibility for Requester to filter his tickets by support functions to which ticket is assigned to.


User opened HR ticket that will be open for next 90 days (on-going recruitment), after that he submitted another 30 IT tickets for different issues. Now when he wants to quickly find his HR ticket he has to scroll down and look for it.

With possibility to filter tickets in End User portal such problem won't occur.

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Hey Michal,

Which attribute should we allow filtering by? Is it:

1. The department of the agent to whom the ticket is assigned?

2. The group to which the ticket is assigned?

3. A different/custom attribute other than these two?


Mithun Mohandas

Product Manager, Freshservice

I would like to achieve result nr 1.

Thanks for responding


I have rethought this,
It would be better with:
Group of agents and one custom field to be available


Thanks for the feedback, Michal! We'll take this up depending on how prevalent this need is, and we'll keep you posted if we have any updates.

Any updates? :) 4 months are gone


Hey Michal,

We haven't taken this up yet - we'll keep you posted when we do.


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