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Approval groups for Service Requests


I've been trying to automate some approval workflows and it would be a great help if you were able to build approval groups for use in Service Requests.  This would be the same as the CAB functionality for the change module - a set group of people who the requester can pick from to ask for approval.  At the moment for a Service Request I am only able to setup rules to ask for approval from agents or department heads/reporting manager.  An example use case is below:

1.  We have a Service Request form that a requester can complete to request change/additional development work to systems.

2.  To enter the developers work stream the request requires approval from two parties:  A Senior Business Lead and the Functional Product Owner.

3.  At the moment, the form asks for the Senior Business Lead as a single line text field (could be a drop down).  There is no way to use this to send an approval, so manual action is required on behalf of an agent to submit it.  Using an approval group (like the existing CAB groups) the requester could select which senior business lead they want to sponsor the request and it would be done automatically. 

4.  A second group for the Functional Product Owner could then be used for the second tier of approval - at the moment I've fudged this automation in using dummy Departments and setting the product owners as the heads.  It works but is not ideal!

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