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Advanced reporting

We had started using FreshService (moved out of Spiceworks in order to be able to use the Asset Management module, among other stuff). Not super impressed so far but one of the major issues is the lack of advanced reporting (ability to create custom SQL queries). 

To be able to create custom queries to create reports would give us the information we required (and one of the reason we started using the system in the first place). We are still investigating the product possibilities, but it is looking like we will need to find a different solution for our asset management. 

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Hi Izmet, 

Thanks for adding the request. We acknowledge that there are some gaps in our reporting capabilities at the moment. We are working on improving the reporting features as we speak. Can you elaborate on the kind of queries you want to run? Maybe some examples of the report you need will help us as we improve reporting in Freshservice. 

Also, you hint at not liking the asset module so far. May I know your requirement that we aren't solving for? 



In my case, I don't need to create custom SQL Queries (, but it would be nice). But something more basic like being able to select Mobiles where 'Used By' is 'NULL' (empty). I fail to see why i'm not able to do such a basic thing. Perhaps this is coming soon, or is there some other way I'm supposed to create those reports?

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We can't look for fields that don't have any value right now (eg. Used by IS Empty). I'll share this requirement with our reporting team. 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for devices that are not assigned to anyone, can you try the Asset State field instead? If you have a device In Stock, then that should reflect in the state and the Asset State field is both reportable and is also available as a filter option in the asset filters. Let me know if this will work.



In reply to sid:

Thanks for sharing a possible solution. However, this won't solve the actual problem.

Let's say we have Car1, Car2 and Car3.


Asset State: in Stock

Used By:


Asset State: in Use

Used By: Employee1


Asset State: In Use

User By: 

We would like to see a list via reporting of the Cars that are not used by an Employee. So Car2 and Car3 should show. We can make Car2 show by Filtering on Asset State = In Use, but Car3 Would show but is not used By anyone, making the Report a lie.

Our goal with the report is to create a list of cars that for example are not being used. Or an Employee that has more than 1 car. Or a list of cars that are assigned to Employees.

This just requires filtering on Empty fields. This also goes for Filtering in the Inventory.

Thanks for explaining, Rik. Am adding a an item on our backlog for filtering on Empty fields in all filters (Particularly reports and Inventory). 

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