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Dynamic Placeholders for Portal Customization

I built a portal theme for our company, and I am just looking to make a few tweaks at a time based on some of the feature requests I'm getting. The most recent request is that we display the name of the agent who has most recently modified a solution article. That being said...

Can anyone tell me what the dynamic placeholder for the agent who last modified a Solution article is? I have tried every possible combination (such as {{ article.author_name }}, {{ article.user_id }}, etc.) of things that I can think of, and I'd just like to know what it is / if there is one.

Additionally, I realize that there are Solutions on the Freshdesk site for portal customization, but it would be nice to have a Freshservice-focused articles. Most of the articles are fine, but some parts don't apply to Freshservice portal customization specifically. Even maybe just creating a "Developers" forum where we can chat specifically about portal customization items would be a step in the right direction...just a thought!

Not sure that this is a FR, but I don't think it fits any other category either. 

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This is a great question!

I second this and would like to add that even in the Agent portal, we can only see the name of the agent who created the article and the last time it was updated. We are not able to see the agent who most recently modified a solution article.

So this feature would be useful not only for the front-end portal, but also for the back-end to see who is contributing to the knowledge base.

The gold standard for knowledge management in Freshservice would incorporate a "change log" for the solution articles, as well as analytics/reports that show # of new articles by agent, # of edits to existing articles by agent, # of times article was viewed, # of times article was referenced in a ticket, and the ability to link solutions directly to CIs. (We are currently working around this latter bit by pasting hyperlinks to solution articles in the Description field on certain assets - it's messy and not dynamic, but it's better than nothing!)

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