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API - Create Child Ticket

I had a similar request with the hopes that the Scenarios tool might be updated to have this feature. I just saw today that API v2 is being developed, but the one thing I really hoped would be there is a field for parent_ticket or the like.

The idea here is that our organization uses a parent ticket to create many child tickets for each action that must be performed for that parent (Tasks are not an option as they are very poorly made visible to agents).

Example scenario with the API:

1. A ticket comes in for a new employee

2. Using the API and some web or desktop tool I've created, I create a series of child tickets (typically 8 for new employees) just by pressing one button! It would GET the info from the parent and put what I want in to the child, and the children would have an API field that says parent_id = *that new employee ticket id*

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