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Remove 4 hour delay to generate report

Currently if I make a change to an asset I have to wait 4 hours before that updated change will appear in an existing or new asset report. Reports need to be able to generate on demand. 

Perfect scenario, have meeting scheduled with boss or client and want to clean up some tickets and details on assets. Ooops, have to reschedule the meeting because report won't be ready for 4 hours. 

To make matters worse, it's not even consistent. The Tabular Data is up to date but the charts that are displayed (not optional) are out of date. So in addition to removing the 4 hour delay I would also request that the charts be optional. There should be a selector for bar, graph, pie, line, or none

Should be noted that IMO I think this is a bug and shouldn't have to be a feature request but I will request it as a feature just the same. Kinda like a time capsule and I can come back in 3 years and see if it's been implemented or not.

It's has been over a year since this topic was raised and nothing has been changed. It continues to be frustrating, please fix!

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Hi Phill,


Hope you are doing well. We apologise for the issue you have been facing and the delay in getting help from us. The data sync time for custom asset reports is currently 4 hours, which I understand is not ideal in the use case that you have mentioned. Reducing the time lag between the database and custom reports is part of our backlog and will be picked up in the upcoming months.


Regarding the inconsistency in chart and tabular data - the count of assets fetched in both chart & tabular reports are consistent, however the attributes of these assets (e.g. priority, impact etc) will show the updated data in tabular reports. I understand that this behaviour is not ideal, please note that we are prioritising this fix to show consistent data across both chart & tabular sections and pushing it ahead in our backlog. We will keep you posted on the ETA. 



Freshservice Product Management

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Here here. The delay is quite frustrating


Is there any update available to this?

Is the delay time between updating information and seeing it on reports still 4 hours? And is this solely applicable to asset updates, or are we also looking at a 4 hour delay for ticket reporting?

Thanks, Lou

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