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Asset tracking unique ID and barcode

The mobile app can view an asset barcode but we would like a way to generate one. So when a new laptop comes in we can make a barcode with a key and attach it. That key should be a random number that is in freshservice. 

Can freshservice also generate the png file for printing? 

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Hi Mark,

This is not possible right now. But we plan to support generating barcode/QR code printing from Freshservice. 

I'll let you know once we take this up for development. 



+1 on being able to randomly and/or sequentially generate asset IDs. This would be extremely helpful with identifying fiber circuits in our asset management.

is there any news here?

Hi Manfred, Everyone, 


We are working on auto-generating the Asset Tag (eg. ASSET-1234) for every asset in Freshservice. You will also be able to generate a png with the barcode (the value in the asset tag will be used to generate the barcode). This can be used to print the labels for the assets. You can follow the progress on this feature (and the other asset enhancements planned for the next few months) here: https://support.freshservice.com/support/discussions/topics/321731



Folks, thanks for your patience!

The Asset Tag is now auto-generated when a new asset is created. You can also generate a barcode PNG with this Asset Tag value so that the label can be scanned by the mobile app to quickly pull up asset information. We will be adding more features to the barcode generation part (customizing the label format and size..etc). Right now the barcode can be generated from the asset detail page. Bulk generation of the asset barcodes is in dev and will be available in a few weeks.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Can you set the starting asset ID number? We use a 6 digit number.


Can we have QR instead? or is there any way for customization?

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