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Add images to assets

We can attach files to assets, but it would be good if it worked more like a profile picture for the particular asset, rather than an attachment.

Is this possible?

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Hi Samantha,

That's an interesting request. You can't have profile pictures for assets, yet. 

The attachments are to ensure that the supporting documents of an asset such as warranty info, invoices, maintenance records...etc are easily accessible along with the asset record in Freshservice. 

Can you please elaborate on how a profile picture will help? Assets can normally be identified by their attributes, but images may not be that helpful. Curious to understand the kind of assets you have for which a picture is needed.



Hi Sid,

Attaching those sorts of documents is still really useful, we were just thinking that being able to visually identify something would be an additional benefit so that if someone isn't too familiar with what the asset looks like they have something to hand to reference. 



Hi Samantha, 

Thanks for elaborating on your request. We don't plan to introduce support for asset profile pictures right away. I'll leave this topic open and I'll add this to our plans if more users have similar asks. 




Thanks Sid, no worries. It was just a 'nice to have' suggestion :) 

I like this idea as well, would be really nice to have.

Curious, OP says he can attach files to assets but I can't find that option.  

I have the Estate plan

Hi Tony, you'll find the option to attach files when you create/edit an asset.

Awesome thanks.  Looks like no option for that in bulk.

I can always add a hyperlink to the pdf in the description I guess.

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