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Depreciation Reports

This platform allows you to setup depreciation on assets.  The only reason someone would do this is for tax purposes.  The problem is that there is no report to run that will show asset depreciation over the last year and that is the info you need for your taxes.  Please either create an asset report for this or give me the options to do it myself.  Thanks!

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Any thoughts on your backlog for this? I haven't seen it yet. If this is never getting implemented then I won't bother populating that data anymore for our assets. Saves me two fields of data entry.

Amen!  3 years is a long time to sit in the backlog.  If this can not be done, just let me know so I can cancel that module because without the ability to report on it, it is a waste of money.

Amen!  3 years is a long time to be in the backlog.  This is something that I still need and not being able to run a report on it makes the entire module a waste of money.

Hey Jesse, 

Adding asset depreciation and book value reports to our backlog. Will drop a note when we start work on this. 



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