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Launch of the v2 app platform!

I'm excited to announce the launch of the v2 app platform to enable the development of apps on the new Freshdesk Mint UI. Please take a look and give us your feedback -

Here is a quick summary of the benefits of the v2 platform for end users (agents) and developers.

For Customers (Agents)

  • Apps in the new Freshdesk UI now have a dedicated section in the ticket and contacts page sidebar, this means they are now easier to access and navigate for customers and the app content will stay in focus even when the user scrolls through other content in the page 
  • New app locations have been added - Ticket page reply editor, Ticket page attachments, Ticket page background,  Contacts page background
  • Additional data, event, and interface APIs 
  • Apps run in iFrames which means there is a level of abstraction between the app and the parent page. Errors in the app will not affect the page on which it is rendered on. 

For Developers

  • For local testing, all you need to do is start the test server using the CLI tool and add “dev=true” to your Freshdesk URL. This will enable you to test your app on multiple browsers and removes the need for the chrome browser extension. 
  • Added a template feature to the CLI to make it easier for developers to build common categories of apps. We will be adding many more templates shortly. 
  • Features do not need to be specified in the manifest file, they are automatically inferred. 
  • There is no need to manually install dependencies before testing a serverless app, they are automatically installed. 
  • App placeholders can now be configured in the manifest file rather than having to specify them in multiple locations 
  • Several unnecessary validations have been removed

Great UI indeed!
I just have one question.
Can I update my previous UI to this new one?


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please, add the created_at field!

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