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Primary group for agents

Where an agent is a member of multiple groups it would be helpful if we could flag one of those groups as the agent's primary group. This would be useful where creating rules such as auto assigning i.e when a ticket is opened assign it to the current agent and their primary group.

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Hey Gareth,

Could you give us an example of a scenario in which this feature would be used? As in, when would an agent belong to multiple groups, which of those would be considered their "primary" group, and under what circumstances would a ticket need to be auto-assigned to their primary group?


Mithun Mohandas

Product Manager, Freshservice. 

We would also benefit from something like this...

For example we have a few agents who are part of multiple groups as they need to be able to view the tickets but not necessarily work on them.

Reasons why it is beneficial for us to have a primary group:

- the agent won't receive noise (emails/notifications) from the secondary or other groups

- visibility to more then one group tickets without having the ability to work on them

- if the ticket is first assigned to the agent, the primary group will be auto-populated rather then the ticket hanging around with no group (if the agent is sick or on leave, gives visibility to the rest of his/her team members)

I am not sure if that is what Gareth wanted but it is definitely something that would help us quite a bit.

Hey Anja,

Am I correct in saying that you want the ability to give agents "read-only" access to view tickets in certain groups, and (ticket assignment + "write" access) in other groups?

If so, could you give us an example use case? For a particular agent, what would their skillset/area of work be, and what would their primary and secondary groups be? Why do they need the ability to view tickets in these secondary groups?


Mithun Mohandas

Product Manager, Freshservice

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