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Request Knowledge Base Article

Is there any way we can allow our employees to request for knowledge base article if they find them missing in our current knowledge base?

If we have this functionality then we create the knowledge base mostly on what is highly required by employees. It shuld look something similar to the attached screenshot plus this option should be available in each category/folder employees go to look for KB articles.

(8.81 KB)

Hi Lijeen,

We have a functionality wherein the agents can send an email to a registered address that in turn creates a draft knowledge base article. This is quite easier for the agents as they can just copy this address in the replies that they send in order to request for a new article creation.

Here's a link that you would help you to get more context on this .

Hope this helps.


That doesn't actually address the request as stated.  I can understand what is being asked for and I can see how it would be useful.   We too would like an easier way for requesters to be directed to request new knowledge base articles on a specific topics of interest as needed...

I'm not sure if having a button within each category would be the best way to handle this.  Perhaps it's just personal preference but I would rather have the option to request an article show up with the search results when searching for a solution.  We try and encourage users to leverage the search functionality as it will become faster and more efficient as we continue to add solutions.

Basically having a link show up with the aforementioned text or something similar...   "Not finding what you're looking for?  Request a new solution be created."  and then have that go to a quick form to request the info.   Perhaps better still it could simply redirect the requester to the new ticket creation form and simply use the existing system that's in place to submit the request.  There's really no reason to recreate the wheel on this...

Within our system we already have a ticket category for "Training & Information" that these sorts of requests could fall under.

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