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Probe - Blacklisted Software


there is an option to Blacklist Applications in Discovery Probe>Settings.

we have devices with the probe agent which shows up 300 non asset software. 

I can only see "non assets" in a device it self.

1. please add an report for non asset software over all probe-devices.

this is needfull to get new software which is not yet an asset in our company

2. add an option to add an non-assest software (within the device asset>software list) to add the software to the Blacklisted Software list. 

3. Discovery > Settings > Blacklisted Software: please add an import option

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Hi Hannes, We are revamping how we manage software in Freshservice. Here's some more info.

1. Report of non-Assets -> This is planned (but not as a report)

2. & 3. -> We are exploring removing the Blacklist option in the discovery setting and integrate it within the new SAM that we are building. Can you share some examples of software that you do not want to scan? Do you already have a list of such software?

Hi, the screenshot below is a probed Client which has many many (410) installed Applications (currently non assets), but most of them are sub-packages of a product. The Software packages we want to track as assets are in number less than 50. We don't want to create assets for each of them (therfore the blacklist button would make sense). Currently I can not give you a example list (just the screenshot) cause I cannot Export/Report the non asses Software at the Moment.


Thanks for clarifying, Hannes. I understand what you mean. We are planning to stop classifying Software as Non-assets and Assets and instead show a list of software with a count on the number of devices where the software is installed in. You can then choose to either Manage, Ignore or blacklist them (We'll do some automatically and you can bulk-update the ones we can't auto classify). 

Meanwhile, I will merge this topic with another thread where we have the same request so that we can have all the conversations in one place. 

Thanks for your inputs and keep sharing your feedback



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