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Apps can react now to external events

We are excited to announce that you can now build apps that run in response to events that occur outside Freshdesk. We accomplish this using web hooks, which are a mechanism to let you know that an event happened. Last month, we added the ability for an app to execute based on when it is installed and uninstalled. Apps can create web hooks during the app’s installation and delete it during the app’s uninstallation. Every time the web hook fires, our framework will invoke the app which can implement custom logic to react to it.

Some use cases

  • Proactively send an outbound email ticket every time a payment fails in Stripe or when a refund request is raised in Shopify 
  • When a JIRA issue that is connected to a Freshdesk ticket is resolved, add a private note to the ticket notifying the agent of the change. You can even have the app automatically send a reply out to customers without any manual intervention. 
  • Raise tickets based on critical events that occur in monitoring software Update a contact in Freshdesk when the contact is updated in a third party CRM

Currently, apps will be able to listen for events from products such as Stripe and Atlassian whose API support basic authentication for creating and managing web hooks Later this year, we will add support for events from products such as Slack, Shopify, and Github whose API require OAuth for managing web hooks.

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