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Sharing ticket with multiple requesters

I haven't found an easy way to share ticket details with multiple requesters.

While I can CC users in the emails we sent from the helpdesk, only the main requester can see the ticket on the Support Portal.

When using support ticketing systems like Zendesk they allow multiple users to follow tickets and browse organisation requests in their helpdesk. 

We could allow everyone see tickets from their department but many tickets are shared across departments and this would open up other issues as well.

I've reported this via support ticket 9 months ago: 

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We also want this to be implemented.

We are a Production company so departements have to work together.

Quality and Production Departement ...

Sales - > Warehouse and other 

We used to be on Spiceworks where this was no problem.

Ofcource Freshservice has more advantages then Spiceworks but still i see this feature as a standard.

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Regarding comment from Rajagopal Baladhandayutham around sharing sensitive information. We don't consider Freshservice a secure system to store and share information with users, for example passwords, with users. We would use a secondary secure method of transferring, sharing or storing these. Maybe Freshservice could have a "sensitivity level" or "secure messaging" functionality built in to address these so that the information is not available in clear text without additional authentication or such. Removing plain text emails over a web based application with access controls would already be an improvement.

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We also have a use case for this. If someone is explicitly cc'd on a ticket, they should be able to click through and view the ticket. Administrators should be able to have a way to turn this feature on or off depending on their use case. As administrators, we would know best on whether to allow this or not, but should be given the option. We continually have to tell new people that they cannot view the ticket due to Freshservice now allowing this function that is a basic function of a ticketing system.

We have only been on Freshservice for a few weeks and this seems crazy! We're just finding out about this limitation...and aren't happy. We have multiple locations and we're incapable of having a single Service Request for something that will impact multiple locations. Very disappointing!

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We will have to leave this product in 2 months before renewal if this is not implemented.  It was EXPECTED that we can grant upper management access to see the data and metrics.  This platform is so locked down its not useful.  

The way we do it is as following:
We add every employee in a department. 
Within the requester profile setting you can select that the requester can view the tickets of others within the same department. 

We also add their department email address so anything initiated by their group email address can be viewed by the others in the same department group. 

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It would be great to allow a ticket to be shared with multiple requesters. I understand the argument that 'we designed it that way' seems like a valid excuse to the forum responding technicians but that's not a good excuse for us as technicians who use the system. Let us decide what is 'safe', it's not the products job to keep us from being able to perform certain tasks, that should be an internal management decision. If you're worried about it, just have an administrative option to toggle the ability on or off so Freshdesk/Freshservice is not at fault if proprietary/legal information is shared.

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Can we get an update from FreshService if this will ever be implemented? It is very necessary.

I agree, lots of other service desk systems have this option. It's a requirement to add stakeholders involved in certain requests. This important from a MSP perspective as well. It's never a one on one conversation. Public notes are public. Private notes are internal between agents. 

To add another comment to the pile. I agree with the Freshworks sentiment, however I disagree that the implementation should be forced on us. It is our data and it is on us to manage who has access to what. I think it would be fine to have the ability to add multiple people to a ticket locked out as a default, but we should be able to override that. 

The workarounds of say letting everyone access all tickets in their department are not good because they do open it up to people having access to private information, which despite our best efforts users will put into tickets. 

I am not aware of any other service desk tool that has limitations such as this.

We are experiencing similar issues, we receive tickets to fix infrastructure issues impacting customers that require visibility from the account managers, and developers to ensure they maintain visibility. 

We had considered creating a department they all had visibility of all tickets however when you grant full visibility of tickets it covers ALL departments they are a member of creating a new issue with access.

While we understand what Freshworks is trying to do, within the current landscape the 1:1 relationship on tickets rarely exists anymore as teams have a more collaborative approach.

If this limitation was more obvious it is unlikely we would have signed up to Fresh Service.

Hi FS team, would love to his this feature implement as well. We are an MSP with dozens of customers, and each customer has multiple stakeholders to communicate with at different stages of the ticket (e.g for troubleshooting incidents, the initial requester is not necessary the same one as the person we follow up with later). 



Add us as another use case; this definitely needs to be implemented. Even with all the testing we'd done before jumping onto FreshService, I realized I'd never actually tested whether CC'ed users could see the ticket in the portal.

Any news on this ?

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