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Sharing ticket with multiple requesters

I haven't found an easy way to share ticket details with multiple requesters.

While I can CC users in the emails we sent from the helpdesk, only the main requester can see the ticket on the Support Portal.

When using support ticketing systems like Zendesk they allow multiple users to follow tickets and browse organisation requests in their helpdesk. 

We could allow everyone see tickets from their department but many tickets are shared across departments and this would open up other issues as well.

I've reported this via support ticket 9 months ago: 

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Hi Sundar,

Any timeline to introduce this?



To comment on Sundar's comment. We don't just want requestors to be able to add multiple people to a ticket, agents should be able to also. 

Thanks for the feedback, Dan. We will take it in.

Ugur, this has been a long-pending request from our customers and we are looking to prioritise this for the near future. However, I don't have concrete timelines for this yet. I shall update once I do.

Thank you.



This feature definitely needs to be added!  Our users need to be able to view other tickets from other departments.  Just this morning, someone in HR requested file access for someone in Finance.  I worked the ticket, but the person in Finance(cc'd on the ticket) wasn't able to see what folder she was getting access to.  For those concerned about security, put a toggle switch in so it can be turned on or off company wide.  With 5 pages of posts on this, it should seriously be considered and added to the roadmap.

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Why not introduce the option to add Requesters/Contacts as Watchers similar to adding an Agent to a ticket Watch list?


Hi Sundar,

More than just being able to add individuals. For our use case, we really need some cross-departmental visibility of tickets. Options we have suggested in email include:

  • A global visibility switch (least desirable). 
  • An ability to script and automate department updates outside of the probe. 
  • An ability to have the probe/Freshservice mapping interpret an AD field with CSV as multiple values. 
  • Hierarchical departments permitting visibility to all sub-departments (most desirable).


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