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24th August 2017 – Enhancements


Freshservice mobile app upgrade for android users

The Freshservice app is revolutionizing the mobile service desk industry, and the app has now been upgraded to make your life much easier than before.

What’s new?

  • To-do list: A single view for IT agents to see all the work items assigned to them from across all modules.
  • Task module: Get informed if any task is assigned to you. Take necessary actions on the tasks.
  • Fully functional Incident Management: Manage the inflow of tickets and take immediate actions.
  • Change Management: Create, edit, and approve changes , collaborate on change planning and managing approvals. 
  • Service Catalog: Requesters can access the service catalog and even place and track service requests.
  • Approvals Management: Get informed the moment a Service request/Change approval is assigned to you.
  • User Management: Access user details and gain context more easily.

Manage Group Memberships for Agents

The View Agent page now provides the ability to view the groups that an agent is a member of.

The Create Agent and Edit Agent pages now provide the ability to:

  • View the groups that an agent is a member of
  • Add an agent to one or more groups
  • Remove an agent from one or more groups

Who is this feature available to?

  • Account Admins, Admins, and agents belonging to custom roles with the "Play God with Super Admin controls" privilege can view and modify group memberships for themselves and other agents.
  • Agents belonging to custom roles with the "Manage Agents" privilege (and without "Play God with Super Admin controls") can view group memberships of all agents, but can modify group memberships only for other agents and not for themselves.


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Kudos on the app update guys. Lots of stuff to like about it from my first impression. :)

The new update is awesome. Its basically an entirely new app. Its fast, intuitive and powerful. Great job guys!

Can someone tell me where is the "to do list". I can't seem to find it anywhere? I would love to see everything assigned to me in one place and even better be able to see everything assigned to each person on my team individually to help manage their work.

I believe the To-Do List feature is currently only available in the Android app (see attached screenshot from my phone). I hope they add it to the web portal. Really, the whole dashboard page needs to be refreshed.

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Thanks Ryan. I am using an iPad and it is not there.

 Hopefully this shows changes/problems/releases as well as it says it does. The dashboard really does need some attention and the ability to customize our own metrics and a "to do list" per person with an option for admins to view other member "to do lists" for management purposes.

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