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Create Incident/Request from requester's profile

 It would be really nice if when you are looking at the profile of the requester to create a new incident or service request for them.

When we are looking at previous tickets the requester had and they are having an issue that is not in the list, it would be able to create a new ticket for that requester right within their profile.

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I'm surprised this one doesn't have more activity.

Here's our use-case. A customer calls into Support. Our analyst will search for the customer while verifying if this is a new or existing issue. Pulling up the contact record gives the analyst a chance to verify the customer's phone, email, department/company, and any custom information we have stored.

If it turns out this is not related to an existing issue, having the ability to click New Incident Ticket right from the customer record saves a step of having to search the customer again when creating the ticket.

It may seem minor but when it comes to workflow, it does make a big difference.

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