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Option to forward attachments

For certain service items, we need to have requested items and attachments forwarded to another department in our company that do not have access to FreshService. We already have a rule for the requested items to be forwarded to an agent, and that agent has a filter in their email that forwards the list of requested items to the other department (that does not have agent access to FS and is not the requester). There's no option to include the attachment.  Our current recourse to this is to manually email the attachment or forward it within the ticket. However, when forwarding, we have to download the attachment in the ticket (say we're not the original agent working on it so we don't have the file in our drive) and then add it as an attachment again in the forward.

It would be great to have an option to trigger the forwarding of attachments with a rule. Another one that would be also be convenient is to have a popup that shows all docs/images already attached to the ticket so we can just pick from it  when replying or forwarding the ticket to others.

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That option is apparently available in FreshDesk, not sure why it's not available in FreshService...

We too need this option. In our case we have scenario where one of our departments needs to log a service request to have an external vendor take some action. This request has to include a file with certain information. While it is easy to create the service request and force that a file must be attached and then create an automated rule to create an email to the external vendor instructing them to take action, there is no way to include the file that was attached to the service request.

 Huge problem for us.

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