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Assets shared by multiple users?

We're managing shared assets for multiple locations - each location has multiple users. However, it seems we have to assign an asset to a specific user for them to be able to add it to a ticket, meaning other users can't see it... 

Is there any way we can assign an asset to multiple users so they can each pull them up when submitting a ticket? (We've tried assigning to location and/or department)

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@Jon to answer your question, it by default displays the User's assets and then the user has the option to choose from all assets if required.



Hi all,

Our product team has picked up this as a feature request and are looking to get this implemented within Freshservice.

We'll keep the thread updated with further updates as we have more updates around the timelines for this.



Any status updates or possible ETA?

My hope is that you enable this feature per asset and that you allow to decide if an asset should be shared in different ways, for instance an asset could be shared among all users, while another asset could be shared only among users in a certain Department or Location.

Btw, is it correct that you with the current solution need to type the full and exact name of an asset to find it? In practice this in my opinion makes the feature unusable, since the users in many cases don't have any clue what the full name or asset tag is

Another vote for this issue. We have shift workers where multiple known users will share a specific PC and desk phone on alternating shifts. Would like to be able to assign the asset to both of them.
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