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Assets shared by multiple users?

We're managing shared assets for multiple locations - each location has multiple users. However, it seems we have to assign an asset to a specific user for them to be able to add it to a ticket, meaning other users can't see it... 

Is there any way we can assign an asset to multiple users so they can each pull them up when submitting a ticket? (We've tried assigning to location and/or department)

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Nick, we do not support assigning multiple users to an asset as of now. We are bringing support for shared assets later this year. 

May I know the kind of assets that are shared by your users? 

Also, are these individuals across locations/departments or are do they belong to a group/department/location. We are exploring bringing support for assigning an asset to an entire requestor group as well. Is this something that will help in your case?

- Sid,

Freshservice Product Team.

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Think restaurant - each restaurant has multiple assets (POS terminals, printers, etc.) and also multiple requesters (managers on duty). Any way we can match assets to users many:many will help!

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Thanks, Nick. That does make sense. We'll consider your use case as well while enhancing the capability. I am not sure if there is any workaround for this in the interim. Will update this post if I am able to find something for your use case. 

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I would imagine any organisation employing a level of hotdesking could benefit from some more options regarding an asset to requester ratio.  In our case, there are a few PCs which, while theoretically could end up being used by any staff member, will commonly be in use by a small number (two to three) for the majority of the time.  As such, it would be beneficial to be able to assign the asset to each of the frequent users.

We do also have cases where any member of a particular department is likely to use any PC within their office, so being able to assign an asset for use by all members of that department would be very useful, although would not completely accommodate all our cases.

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I'd like to support this use case.

I run IT for a health care company with several locations. At each location there are front desk employees that act as primary IT contactpersons to the IT servicedesk. Doctors and psychiatrists don't contact the servicedesk themselves. They just hand over their laptop, receive a temporary replacement and continue their work. The team of IT contact persons for a location are all requesters for all CI's of the location. For example, the 3 IT contactpersons for our Amsterdam location all need to be able to initiate tickets for the 25+ CI's of that location.

I'd like to see the option to assign a requestor group to an asset

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This would be super super helfpul in improving the Freshservice experience as an MSP subscriber.

One of the biggest regrets in switching from ServiceNow to Freshservice is the loss of MSP specific features.

As an MSP, we were sold on Freshservice being capable of handling MSP requirements.

Hi there; also interested in shared assets here (actually a blocker for our project). Any updates ?

Let's say you have a company with many meeting rooms, all of which contain a videoprojector for instance; let's say these VPs are assigned to a department, then we'd like all users belonging to the department (as long as their account has the "can see all tickets of the department" option ticked) be able to choose the proper VP (by serial number for instance) when declaring a malfunction.

I believe this would be superior to just support assigning an asset to multiple users, because the users entitled to see all tickets would not have to be manually assigned to each asset.

I understand that most assets are assigned to people (e.g. laptop, smartphone...) but what about shared assets like VPs, TVs, videoconferencing ?

Posting to support adding this functionality. Being able to assign an asset to a location or department (which we can do) and having all users of that location/department be able to submit tickets for that asset would be very helpful.

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Just a workaround here. We run into a similar issue with departmental laptops for various business units. We simply created a new requester and added the information in the background information. Its a quick fix, not ideal, but it suites the need at this time.


Is this feature still planned for release?

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We recently enhanced the Asset Management Feature where now any asset can be associated by the user while raising a request. You can enable it by going to Admin -> Form Fields -> Search and associate any asset.


I hope this helps! 

Happy supporting! 

What does this look like from a user perspective when creating a new request? I would hope that assets associated with the user would appear first. I wouldn't want the typical use case to be impacted negatively for adding this function. I personally would have preferred to set this flag at the asset level but this should work.

I too would have preferred to have this set at the asset level so that you can run reports on who is assigned to a shared asset.

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