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21st July 2017 – Project Management in Freshservice

Switching between your project management solution and ITSM tool can be inconvenient and time-consuming. In order to address this, Freshservice has introduced project management feature integrated with the service desk. This enables IT teams to use a single tool to manage their projects in tandem with IT service management processes such as incidents, changes, and assets.


What does it mean?

Most IT projects involve intense planning and a considerable amount of risk. Project management feature in Freshservice will:

- Eliminate the need to juggle between a separate project management solution and your ITSM tool.

- Easily link projects to incident, changes, and assets bringing more visibility into how they are related.

- Ensure on-time delivery of projects by capacitating users to efficiently manage, prioritize and track projects.

- Facilitate seamless collaboration with different teams.

Refer to the solution article and video to know more about project management.

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Hi Apoorva,

Our team loves this new feature but we do find it a bit frustrating that we need to enter a due date for every task. Would you consider making this an optional field?


Todd Murphy

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As not all tasks on a project solely fall under the purview of our IT department, will it at all be possible to at least have the ability to assign tasks to non-agents or requesters?  

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@Deeika - I spoke to the team about this and we came up with two main reasons.

1 - When you set up a project and know what tasks will be part of the project but don't yet know the due dates. Maybe you need to define all the tasks before you can even work out what the due dates will be on each. Otherwise you'd have to make all tasks on paper and work out the dates, then do data entry into fresh service.

2 - Sometimes you will make a project and work off priorities instead of dates. For example if you have a lot of projects and variability and the dates would constantly change, instead you'd rather define scope and priority and then work through all projects on a priority order.

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Hey everyone, 

Thank you for your feedback. 

@Todd - We’re glad to hear that your team loves the project management module! Regarding the due dates for tasks, it will be helpful if you could share more information about the nature of projects that are implemented to help me understand why this field is not used.

@Craig - I agree, IT projects can have tasks that need to be delegated to members outside of the IT team (non-agents). To address this concern, we’re introducing a new user type called ‘Collaborator’ who will have all permissions as that of a requester along with a few additional privileges of an agent, one of which is to be a project member. This feature is in the final stages of development and will be shipped soon. 

@Sukh - Project tasks are already tied to the FS Calendar. However incorporating projects in the calendar is currently not available - I will keep you posted on this feature. Regarding the association of releases and projects, could you share your use case to help me understand the ask better? 


Freshservice Product Management

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The project management is a nice feature.

However since i work alot on projects where can i put my time that i work on the tasks ? 

I think this is a must have so you can see at the end how many time a project has taken.



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In my experience tasks are usually listed before they are scheduled, so yes, drop the forced scheduling, its limiting.

Make time optional. Most project tasks is date based, not time based.

Dont limit the scheduling to preset project start/stop dates. Projects are alive, and are constantly evolving and changing.

Give us edit fields, not dropdowns for time and dates, dropdowns in these cases are a huge productivity drain. 

Also, give us an option to delete, or at least abandon projects. 

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Hi, great work on the projects module. It looks fanatastic and easy to use! One of the most important features in projectmanagement is supplying a report on the workload of the projects department. Before I can start using this feature I need to be able to create instant reports on status of the projects. When will this be implemented??

thanks, Remon

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I like the projects feature, but as it's still a new product there's also some room for improvement. I would also like to be able to put in time worked on tasks. And some different ui views for the projects. For the moment, you can only see the all the projects, it would be nice if you could also get a agent view, to see who is working on which projects. A gantt chart view of a project/agent would also be really useful.

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Another thing that I would like to point is that there is no ability to place a project on hold. You either have Open, In Progress, or Closed. We tend to forecast our projects in our organization and prepare all of the tasks that are going to be associated with the project well ahead of the start date. By not having the option to add or adjust status types, organizations such as mine will typically have about 40 open projects since we cannot thoroughly segregate them by statuses. Would be a really nice feature to be able to edit the various fields under Project Management.

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So I love this tool but obviously very early release.  Can someone answer these questions?

  1. When can we expect to see more flexibility in the project views?
     - Project view filters
     - Different UI views of projects (Summary list instead of big project blocks, expand/contract grouping based on project owner
  2. When can we expect to see field templates for Projects so we can additional fields like project category, additional project states, executive sponsor, business owner, etc..
  3. When can we expect to see a reports module for this area?

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So there's still no way to track time against project tasks? The module looks great in concept but considering that our business revolves around tracking and billing time, this oversight critically limits the module's usefulness to us. 

We'll start using it once the time tracking and reporting gets ironed out. 

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I second Peter's post.  In evaluating the product, there is a gap in the project module around resource management from the perspective of identifying who is assigned to what, how much time they are spending from a requested vs actual perspective, and there is nothing around financials such as budgeted, actuals, po and invoice tracking, etc.  It's a great start for managing small task based projects, but its missing some key elements.  Also I can't find any reports around projects so as to build any dashboards or generate executive level reporting, is that coming?

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Great to see some new features introduced into FreshService. Keep up the work!

Any plan to incorporate projects in the FS calendar that displays tasks and changes? What about tying releases to a project?

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