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Asset activity

For us at least, any changes to an asset should be recorded into the asset activity history page. An example of this is that if a location for an asset is changed, it is never recorded into the history which obviously means that no agent would know the location had changed, or when it was changed unless a separate record for this was kept. 

This applies for ALL details that are changed such as serial number, asset tag, assigned date, file uploads, etc.

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Agreed! Any change should be captured in the activity list... We have this on our backlog already and we plan to revamp activity tracking across the product. More on this soon. 

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This would be very helpful. Conversely, if we could track a requesters asset history (with date periods of assignment) that would remove our need to keep a separate in-house solution for tracking who has had which phones/laptop/etc historically.

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Great. It's good to see that Freshservice actually take feedback constructively, and where possible use it to improve their product. Credit where credit is due.

I also agree with Richard about Requester 'Activity', not just for assets themselves.

Any update on this?


+1 on an audit log for the assets

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This is crucial.

Being able to pull audit log on who updated the inventory date is necessary to use it for internal audit.

Example segregation of duty (not a feature by suggesting a usage)

  1. Asset user - should prove the possession of asset by barcode scan -> This needs to be recorded in some new field like "Last Verified By" or something.
  2. Asset Manager - defines assets, but should not update the "Last Audit Date" field himself/herself. Assign assets to users, and provide the asset audit log to auditor.
  3. Internal Auditor - Receives asset audit log from asset manager, and shall be content by seeing that asset list is maintained by Asset Manager, but assets are verified by other personnel.
  4. System - Should be robust enough to make the auditor believe that it is difficult to temper with the asset verification audit log.

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I'd like to add my support here; having a history of which assets have been assigned at the requester level would be very valuable for us, for auditing purposes.

We need this! Any updates yet?

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is there any update. Audit Log / History is very important for us

Also the current way of displaying Asset Activity is only 50% good, it shows the new value of a field, but not the old one.

Being able to search asset history based on a Requester (and Agent) is also important, i.e. search for example what computers have been assigned to this user through their life and when.

We've started work on capturing all changes made to an asset in the activity logs. Merging this topic with the relevant Roadmap topic.

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