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Search box on custom asset views

Currently there is no search box at all for a custom saved asset view. I've no idea why not, but it's a pretty crucial requirement for an asset management system.

If I have 200 laptops which have been filtered with a custom view, I need to search those assets for information to find the asset quickly.

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That search doesn't work properly either. We have assets which have -L and -D after them, and no results appear when searching for either -L or -D.

But mainly I would like to filter a list such as typing "7736" and showing all assets with these numbers in. Currently none of your search boxes are able to do this


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Thanks for your inputs, SysG. I'll update this post as we bring in updates to the search in the product. 

About your second request, if you are searching for specific attributes such as OS, Storage or dates, you could leverage the filters. Will this work for you?


I see what your saying, but that is too many clicks and selections for my liking. I just want to do a single search for "Windows 7" and catch everything which has a field with the words Windows 7 in to.

I don't want to be manually filtering, I want to be searching. Hope this makes sense.


Yes, I understand that searching can be so much more easier than having to filter. We are planning some incremental improvements for search and we'll take this feedback to the search team. 

Meanwhile, if you have to search for some fields frequently, I recommend creating views with these fields as filters. 

I'll update this post once we make some changes to the search functionality. 


Hi SysG,

I agree that the search is important and we do have this item on our backlog. 

When you are searching for assets, are you looking for a particular asset (by name/serial number or some other unique id)? Or are you just trying to narrow down the list further by quickly using the search? If you are searching for a particular asset, have you tried using the global search (the one on the top right corner of the screen)? Any feedback on this?


Great. The unfortunate thing is that a filter can only show one CI at a time; would be great for a "+" button to add CI's to the filtering similar to how you add a condition to filter.

Also, I've no idea why only shared fields can be displayed in Inventory... You should be able to add any column even if it is not shared, and for CI's that don't have that field then just a "-" or "N/A" would make sense.


But I must add that we don't just search for name, we would want to search for any string such as "Windows 7", "120GB" and maybe even dates?

This follows on from another post here:


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