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Project Summary


I would like to start by saying that I think the new 'Project' section is going to be incredibly useful. Quick thoughts however, are that it would be nice to have an option to 'sort' or 'arrange' tasks on the Project Summary. Additionally, the information is there to produce a Gant-style chart which would be useful for a visual representation.

Once again, I think this new update is great!

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Great new feature!!!! So questions though in connection with the module. How well do the tasks tie to calendar integrations? Also is there any way to add requestors as stakeholders? Some projects stakeholder are requesters and they need status updates, notifications and may need to approve accomplished tasks of the ongoing project. Any update or knowledge regarding this would appreciated.

Any updates on the Gant and time tracking on project tasks? It would be great to have it like you do in tickets for time. Thought: If one associate a ticket with a project that already contains tasks, would it not be possible to tie that task in the ticket and have it populate "task" in time tracking? Providing an attachment.

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