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19th July 2017 – Skype for Business (Online) Integration, Streamlined Request Approvals, and more

Skype for Business (Online)

Skype for Business has become one of the most widely used web conferencing platforms. If your organization is using Skype for Business (online), you can it easily integrate with Freshservice, enabling agents to initiate conversation with requesters seamlessly. An agent can now have the following capabilities after the integration:

  • See if the ticket requester is available in Skype within the ticket page itself and initiate a conversation.
  • Have IM/audio/video sessions from within a Freshservice ticket, so that remote support can be provided. Also, complete context of an issue can be gleaned through this resulting in faster resolving of tickets. 
  • Save IM conversations in a ticket note so that any contextual information from the conversation stays within the ticket.

What does it mean?

The integration would pave way for:

Quicker resolution of tickets because the agents and the requester can interact through IM/audio/video conversations immediately.

Improved CSAT because the requester would appreciate the personalized support that they receive through the communication platform that is familiar to them.

How does it work?

After setting up the integration, you can use SFB to start conversations with the requesters very easily as shown below:



Refer the solution article for more information on Skype for Business (online) integration.

More streamlined request approvals

Any, All or Majority approvers - Gain more control on Service Request and Change approvals by selecting if All or Any one or Majority of the approvers need to approve the ticket to set the ticket status as Approved.

This option is available in Change, Service Requests, Dispatch’r and Observer.




  • Showing the list of groups in agent/Requester/Collaborator show page.
  • Contract Export - The contracts in the Contract list page can now be exported.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Round Robin assignments failed if a round robin enabled group does not have any agents assigned
  • Fixed a Google SSO login issue while using secondary email
  • Asset search issues in the Freshservice mobile app have been fixed

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Do you support this integration at the MSP Version with multiple Azure AD's / Skype Online Instances?

Awesome! I'd love to see this for Teamviewer as well!

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@Jens - Can you elaborate on the usecase. Are you using multiple instances of Skype for Business to support your customers?

Hi, great news.

But if we select "Any one" on a second approvals request (in the case where we need a second approval on a service request for example), well, it seems that the approbation is automatically set as "Approve" and the ticket is not set "Requested".

Hi, great news.

But I think I have spotted a problem. If I send an approval request which is approved and then I send a second approval request, choosing 'Any one', well this second request will be automatically approved due to the 'Any one' option. It will indicate 'already approve by...'.

Hi Renaud

Right now this approval condition works only for one level of approvals. If there are more than one level/stage, then new(latest) condition selected will apply across all (including any approvals sent earlier) approvers of the ticket/change. 



Sorry, I have no use case. This makes noch sense, I understand that we must connect our S4B instance ;-)

SFB integration would be great if it worked! Set it up all OK until you try and chat with the requester and its not the requester. Basically if we have 2 users with the same first name i.e. John (quite common) SFB via fresh service is not detecting the requester but another random John we have in the org.

Another issue is if you close a conversation you have a option to save the dialogue but only the first time, if you pick up the tie ticket later and carry on a conversation it doesn't give an option to save that conversation? Would be great to close every ticket at first instance but just doesn't happen so need the option to save the conversation every time you close it.

Great idea and time saver but only if it works, not sure much testing went in to this role out?

@Dan - We are rolling out a fix for matching the right requester in next few hours. We will be fetching requesters by full name going forward. Apologies for the inconvenience. We are investigating the 'save chat' error. I will get back to you soon. 


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