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More MSP specific tools/services (managed service providers)

There is a HUGE opportunity to take a piece of the MSP (managed service provider) market but Freshservice needs some more tools/services to be a viable option for MSP's.

Are there any future plans to add services specifically for the MSP Mode?

For example, it would be great to have:

- toggle ticket views so you can fit more on 1 page

- document storage....possibly G Suite Drive (Team Drive) integration

- tickets posted to Google Calendar to list task notes in body

- project mgmt (I see this is there a launch date?)

- customer hierarchy w/ notes section (maybe this comes with SugarCRM integration)

- Freshsales / Freshservice integration (I can't believe this isn't a thing)

- network mapping for each customer (there is something similar to this in CMDB but not in MSP mode)

- quoting

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To add to this list, we've only been using it for a week in MSP mode but find there are a lot of things missing that we'd like.

- Assign Agents to a Company/companies and they can only view tickets, assets, contacts etc that belong to those companies.

- An simple top level Nav filter option to select "current company" so that an Agent can work on all items for a specific company without the clutter of all the other companies they're responsible for. An "All Companies" option would again only show companies they are assigned to.

- Company/Customer facing portals. Fix security issue where a contact from Company A can login to the portal for Company B. This means if you have proprietary info (i.e. a KB article) anyone from any company can view it (yes they do have to guess the custom URL but it's a big security flaw IMO).

- Company/Customer facing portals. The settings available currently apply to all portals, they should be on a per portal basis. i.e. Company A users can sign up on the portal, but Company B they can't. Company A might no have Service Catalog available (and no, not hidden by using CSS hack) and Company B would have Service Catalog available.

- Service Catalog needs major improvements to work better in MSP mode. An On-boarding request for Company A might contain two items, where for Company B it could contain 15 items. At a top level we should be able to build a Service Catalog that's only accessible to a specific Company or Companies. Currently there are some ways of using groups on each item to prevent access but this also then requires applying groups on all item to deny/hide items that don't apply, it's not a usable process.

I'm sure I'll have more, it's only been one week so far, so I'll add more here as I think of them.

Brett and Phodgkinson,

Thanks for taking the time to post all these suggestions! We're currently analysing ways to improve the Freshservice experience for MSPs, and we'll incorporate your feedback into our design.


Mithun Mohandas

Product Manager, Freshservice

Another thing I have noticed that needs work for MSP support is the Ticket list view. Our agents like to view by All Unresolved Tickets so they know what is left to do. Unfortunately the ticket info include title and requester (contact) name but doesn't include the Company. So the only way to know what ticket is for what company is to create a custom view for each company but with 40+ customers to support that's just way too many views. It would be ideal if the ticket info was:

Ticket Title is Here #INC-1001 

From: Client Username (Company Name)

Created: about 6 hours ago, Due in 1 day

Then we'd really like to have Company added to the Sort By list so that tickets from the same client would be grouped together.

So the big question is, what are the odds of something like this getting implemented in the next 3 or 4 years?

Hey Phill,

We're currently working on an improved experience for managed service providers, which includes enhanced access control, content/setup customizability, and usability improvements. We're incorporating the feedback from your earlier post into our design, and we'll also ensure that the ticket list view is optimized for MSP agents. Thanks again for your feedback!


Mithun Mohandas

Product Manager, Freshservice

Some more MSP items:

- Contact list is becoming unmanageable with so many contacts from different companies. There needs to be a way to filter contacts by company and even ideally if an Agent is only responsible for company X, then shouldn't be able to see contacts from company Y and Z at all.

- When viewing a company I can Add an existing contact to that company but I should be able to create contacts from there and they would automatically be assigned to that company.

- Global issue with paged lists. If I go to page 3 of a list, view a contact and then go back, I should be taken to page 3 again and not page 1. This is easy enough to read/write to a cookie, makes using lists very painful. ( I swear that the system was developed and tested with 5 contacts and 2 companies, nothing close to real world data).

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Hey Phill,

The ability to filter and restrict access to contacts based on companies is a definite improvement that needs to be made in the application, and we'll address that very soon. 

I'll also work with our UX team to see how we can simplify the addition of new contacts to a company.

About your issue with the contacts page - the browser's back button can already take you back to the specific page that you were on. The internal "Back to Contacts" link takes you back to the main contacts page, and that's the way it has been designed. I get your point though - you'll ideally want this "back link" to work the same way as the browser's back operation does in this case. I'll add that to our list of requested usability enhancements.

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to give us feedback!


Mithun Mohandas

Product Manager, Freshservice


When I look at roadmap, it's not clear that MSP mode is a focus ton Freshservice business.

I want to know when MSP Feature will be delivered... such as :

- permit clients to access their assets, their licences, their contracts



When I look at the roadmap, I can't see that MSP mode is a business focus for freshservices.

Basics like permit access to clients to their assets, licences, contracts are not OK.

Can you confirm that MSP mode will really be upgrade ?*

Is it possible to have a specific roadmap to MSP Mode ?


another request to the MSP mode: We get new service desk staff all the time and it would be much easier for them to ask the caller for their company name and from there it should display a list of contacts for that company or allow limited search capabilities for the contacts associated to the specific company. This way the staff don't have to guess or misspell the caller name or contact info. Can this be implemented anytime soon? I would have to start explore other solutions if the features in this thread are not going to be worked on anytime soon. 


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