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Asset Search Logic


I've no idea how the search logic for searching assets currently works, but it seems to be almost completely useless (to us at least).

The search box doesn't search on a "contains" basis which means that you have to enter the complete and full asset "name" in order to find it. Our asset names/numbers are quite long so it works out more effort to search an asset than is is to scroll and find it.

For example if an asset is named ASSET554898897752 then I should be able to search 7752 and it come up with all assets that have "7752" in them.

Also, if I enter random letters/numbers that are not related, it actually brings up assets as if they were a match, when they don't match at all.

I'm not sure this is a feature request to be honest... in my opinion search should function properly

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Agree, the search function is pretty worthless

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We are working on enhancing search. You can see the list of enhancements here:

You could also let me know of any search related pain points you might have.



Well for me personally, I still need the search to wildcard everything I type.

In your Search Enhancements you state: "you can look for this asset by searching for ‘5672’ (note: '567' will not return this)"


This is exactly the pain I have. I want to be able to just search 567 and it show all assets with any field that contains the numbers 567, effectively wildcard searching e.g. *567* and not having to search the full number 5672.


I might have 8 assets ranging from 5671 to 5678, and if I search 567 it will show me all 8 assets.




I would like to understand your use case better. Can you give me an example of what you want to achieve with search. 


Hi Joseph, the original post is still relevant. If for example I had 8 assets named from "ASSET554898897751" to "ASSET554898897758" they I would want to be able to type "775" in the search and it bring all 8 assets up because it's searching with a wildcard.

Do you know what I mean?


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