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Change default "Ticket Source"

I can take that I this drop menu isn't customizable, however please consider allowing us to set an option for the default source.  It seems as if it's currently a system setting set to "Phone".  The vast majority of my organization's tickets/request come in via email by way of utilizing the Freshservice Gmail Gadget.  When tickets are entered in this fashion they always default to "Phone".  I would assume this is an oversight as I think it would be obvious that tickets created from an email would automatically be set to "Email" as the source.

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I have agents that create incidents inside the portal and those tickets get reported as Phone. 

I think that we should be able to edit the source. We are able to do so creating a new ticket within the mobile app. This feature should be available for technician to edit within the tenant.

Does anyone have a time frame when this would be added as a feature because this is important aspect within the Help/Service Desk.

Hi, when will this feature go live. Still only seeing the source as 'Phone'. Where can this be changed? 


I literally just contact support about this yesterday.  (I didn't notice it here.)  This would be incredibly valuable.

We get a ton of walk-ups, and would like to track them.  Unfortunately we forget to change it from "Phone" to "Walk-Up" after we create the ticket.

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