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Change agent who created a solution

It would be nice to have the possibility to edit the agent name who created a solution.

For now an agent who created a solution will remain as the creator (even when he isn't anymore an agent). 

You should be able to edit the agent who created a solution or you should have the fonctionality to add extra agent who worked on a solution (cfr a track record).

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I have thought the same thing.  When we have an agent leave employment with us, we would like to be able to update any solutions they may have authored to show someone else's name.

Being able to track the history of who made changes would be helpful as well, however that would likely take more work to implement.

I agree with the tracking side of things. To see who has updated solutions and when is important for internal audit purposes. If possible, showing older versions would be a benefit.

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This would be amazing for us as well. Tracking edits would be great, or to somehow see a history or who updated and when. 

The thing that drove me here was I left a solution text the same, but replaced the attachment with a new version. The date didn't update from this change in the attachment, which I think it should since the solution is updated.

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