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Record what rule executes on ticket activity

Currently, the ticket activity only records actions taken by an agent or certain other system processes (e.g. merging tickets).

We would like the activity log to record which dispatch'r, observer, or supervisor rule is run on a ticket. On multiple occasions, a rule has had an unintended effect on our tickets, which not only delayed our response to our users, but created extra work for us to go through the rules and essentially guess which rule caused the issue, or request support from Freshservice.

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Oh yesssssss, the more specific the logs, the better. Always.

100% agree with this.

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I agree with this. I started wondering whether I should have been a detective since I've been trying to trace what caused a rule to break, especially when one rule is dependent on another. Not easy when it happens intermittently - we have a set of rules that work flawlessly for some tickets, but not for others.

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Yes! they have this under FreshDesk!

if it is in FreshDesk, it should not be that difficult to get it in to FreshService as well

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I want this not only on a ticket but on changes, projects, et cetra too

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