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Solution views


Apologies if this has already been discussed -I did search for something similar but couldn't find anything.

Is there any way, or plan for a way, to measure how often Solutions are viewed with the need for 3rd party analytics?

Any further details such as who has viewed solutions would be lovely!

Many thanks,


5 people like this idea often Solutions are viewed without the need for 3rd party analytics?...

We would also like some form of tracking on solutions to see how many users are actually viewing the solutions we create. Any sort of tracking or statistics would be great.

Hi Chelsea and James

I wanted to understand what action do you wish to take based on the number of views of the article or who has viewed the article? 



Product team.

I can't necessarily speak to Chelsea's or James' requirements, but it would be very useful for us to know if are users are even viewing solution articles, and which ones.  Also useful would be knowing whether users put in tickets after viewing tickets.  At present, it could be that any article could be giving the solution to dozen of users, removing the need for them putting in a ticket, but we might never know, as we don't know how often the article is viewed.

Thanks for your input, Craig. 

hi, wondering if there is an update on this? is it possible to obtain this information?



We are working on Kbase enhancements in Q1 and Q2 of this year. I will add this to the list of enhancements for kbase. Please add any other pain points you have in Kbase. 



hi Joe

It would be great if the following enhancements could be considered for kbase

1. Ability to apply an approval process to review/publish solutions

2. Ability to apply a review task on a solution i.e review a solution in 12 months or 2 years

3. Spelling and grammar checks

4. Enhance searching so that like terms can be found, without having to apply tags to each solution. eg. if people search for wifi, rather than Wi-Fi, it will still bring up solutions with Wi-Fi. Or if user searches for an acronym, it will match solutions with the full name (Similar to an internal thesaurus)

thank you,


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Thanks Prithi, this is helpful. 

Hi Joseph,

We are also really interested by this enhancements, so we can add :

1. Ability to report how helpful or not are the solutions

2. Ability to give more feedback if someone think a solution is not helpful by a little and quickly survey with checkbox. For example :

  • This article doesn't answer my problem,  
  • I don't understand this article,    
  • This article needs more information or example
  • This article needs to be updated

Thank you very much in advance


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Be nice to add a way of good feedback to an article feeding into agents gamification scores


when a user clicks on 'not helpful', they are asked for feedback. Does this help? 


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For sure ! :)


we already have this functionality. :)


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